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Storyize Your Message

Storyize your Message

and elevate your impact and influence

Story Telling has moved from granny's lap and bedtime treats to the Board rooms, Meeting rooms, Sales pitches and Training arenas. Leaders use storyling to influence, Engage and inspire.

In the competitive world of today we need to move ahead, be heard, accepted, respected, bought in. How can we make our voice heard amidst the crowd and elevate our impact and influence? Welcome to the world of metaphors and storyizing and get your points across swiftly, surely and seamlessly. Make your points memorable, sticky and convincing using the SCIENCE and ART of Storylzing Your Message.

Workshop: A one day immersive Workshop focused on making participants MUCH MORE CAPTIVATING communicators. Moving participants through the stages of Telling, Selling. Persuading and inspiring Practicing the steps of Finding. Pruning, Garnishing. Tasting and Serving delectable stories that convey powerful messages.

What you will learn

  • Understand the Why of Storytelling in the corporate world
  • Some barriers and tips to overcome these
  • The Science behind Storytelling
  • Elements of a great story
  • 6 Beats and 6 Senses
  • Understanding the Plot and the Connectors
  • Developing the Narrative
  • Focusing on Substance
  • Style and Soul
  • Some Advanced Techniques