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Leadership and Behavioral Training

Our flagship training programs

Storyize your Message

Story Telling has moved from granny’s lap and bedtime treats to the Board rooms, Meeting rooms, Sales pitches..

Communications Mastery – 2

Communication is a two-way street. Good listening skills are part of good communication, we need to..

Channeling Change

With a Deterministic Game – PlanDevelop and Communicate a compelling Vision for Aspired Change..

Influence without Authority

It is now the standard practice for organizations to expect managers and leaders to lead without formal..

Shooting the Breeze

with Impromptu Speaking Skills – Become a MUCH MORE captivating communicator

Conflict Management

Conflicts are inevitable when humans interact with one another. In Corporate situations, conflicts are necessary to..

Pitch 2 Persuade

Investors don’t invest in businesses. They invest in stories about businesses. A good story can’t sell junk, But it will ...

Problem Solving And Creativity

Creative ideas do not appear suddenly in people’s minds without any logic. Those ideas are the result of trying to..

Winning in Negotiations

Good negotiation skills are the foundation for success and relationships..

Building High Performance Teams

Finding great players is not very tough. Getting them to play as a team is. Build teams that perform better, ...

Enhancing Executive Presence

The ability to influence people, without pestering or irritating them, is the most profitable skill we can learn – Napolean

Managing in a VUCA World

Learn to ‘look around the corners’. handle the unexpected, focus on what is possible (because anything can..